Household Appliances

Household appliances require polypropylene (PP) solutions of the highest quality to ensure that reliability is constant and that safety through excellent water and heat resistance is maintained. Our home appliance solutions for injection molding applications offer true performance.

Take this blender which features our Luban HP2100N solution. It means good stiffness, easy processing and compliance with FDA regulations. Luban HP2100N is suitable for general purpose injection molding, caps & closure, furniture and houseware.

Other solutions in our portfolio include Luban EP2380T, which can be applied in molded washing machine tubs (spin basket), appliance body parts, food containers and houseware. Luban EP2380T is a recator grade with good low temperature impact properties. It has excellent flow and dimensional stability.

Our polymers provides the answer to many of the questions that the home appliance sector is asking for.