Healthcare applications demand the highest quality and consistency from a polymer supplier. This is why we are such a reliable partner when it comes to plastics for medical applications. Whether our customers are making medical disposables (masks, caps, medical cloths), infusion bottles or medical ampoules, or disposable syringes, they count on our great polypropylene (PP) solutions.

Take these disposable syringes. They feature our Luban RP2248N solution. Luban RP2248N offers good stiffness-impact balance, excellent transparency and aesthetics, as well as good processability. The solution is suitable for injection molded caps & closure, clear containers, houseware, sports and leisure & toys.

A blown film fluid bag for the healthcare segment can be made with our Luban RP4203M and Luban RP4225M solutions. An ampoule can be made using our Luban RP7207G. The solution offers good chemical resistance and impact. Luban RP7207G is FDA compliant and can be used for healthcare applications that include blow-fill seal bottles, vials, infusion bags, medical films, cosmetics and toiletry bottles.

Through our reliable solutions, we can ensure that the plastics used in your next healthcare application will perform.